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Born on 25 June 1975 in  family of Shri Gopi Chand Pandey, Captain Manoj was a brilliant  student & sportsman. He was always top in his academics & won hundreds of certificates and cups during his schooling. He cleared NDA in his first attempt, in his SSB interview his assessor asked why do you want to join army-he replayed, to get PARAM VIR CHAKRA…….& he got it.

Capt. Manoj Kumar Pandey was a man with a laughing face and happy disposition. He  did his schooling at "Rani Laxmibai College" , from there he went to "U.P.Sainik school. He always got first rank in his academics, besides, he was a an all round sports man. His hobbies were Hockey, Swimming and athletics.

His mother Smt. Mohini Pandey inspired him towards the morality and spirituality. He did faith in God and had very clear thought about life and death. He firmly believed that every one has a certain period of life hence one should do something great to inspire the people. he loved children very much. He tried to collect every kind of knowledge so he choosed different books to read, even he studied the books of astrology and palmistry.

Papa says..........   



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